Novel Activities

The most essential key to aging well, is remaining active and engaged in your preferred and meaningful activities in life, especially some new ones! The holistic human system requires more than stimulation and exercise of the body, it also requires you to work your mind in varying ways. Here at Engaged Aging we are based not only in the science of activity engagement, but we are balanced by the most detailed and up-to-date neurological knowledge of the brain and its neuroplasticity capabilities that the University of Kentucky has to offer. Though that got a little wordy , it all boils down to staying active and engaged to continue your brain's…

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Current Research

Harmony @ H.O.M.E (Help Online Modifying the Environment) Harmony @ H.O.M.E is a research study tailored for caregivers in rural Kentucky areas, providing support and training in assessing and modifying the home environment for the safety and well-being of the caregiver and their loved one. If you are caring for and living with someone who has moderate to severe dementia with challenging behaviors, you may…

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Dr. Elizabeth Rhodus, of UK Sanders-Brown Center on Aging is not only an awarded National Institute on Health clinical researcher,…

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Healthy Aging Workshop Series Engaged Aging's Yolanda Jackson (right) kicked off this years' presentations at First Baptist Church Frankfort speaking…

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Check out this WKYT Investigates piece, interviewing Dr. Elizabeth Rhodus, Engaged Aging Lab founder, of Sanders-Brown Center on Aging. Here,…

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