Healthy Aging

Here at Engaged Aging, Dr. Rhodus of Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, has created a gathering of individuals, caregivers, community partners, political entities and scholarly research efforts to bring Kentucky, and surrounding areas, the most holistic aging and dementia support system for all.  With a foundation of occupational therapy and science, we believe in the science of healing through activities that you and those you care for ENJOY and need to function.


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Don’t Just Take Our Word

We rely on evidence-based science to bring you the most up to date aging suggestions.

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Whether you are an older child caring for your aging parent, or a community leader, Engaged Aging needs you. With a mission of reaching those communities with a desire for better aging services and research in their area, we open our doors to you and hope you will join our efforts, supported by the University of Kentucky, to positively support the brain, body and spirit health for those elders we value so highly.

If you are interested in all that we offer, such as educational presentations on healthy aging, clinical research trials, and community partnerships, we welcome you to reach out and begin collaboration that puts you and your aging loved ones first! Click the link below if interested in any of our services, or feel free to email and call us at the information provided at the top of the page. We look forward to meeting you and the needs of your community.