Novel Activities

The most essential key to aging well, is remaining active and engaged in your preferred and meaningful activities in life, especially some new ones! The holistic human system requires more than stimulation and exercise of the body, it also requires you to work your mind in varying ways. Here at Engaged Aging we are based not only in the science of activity engagement, but we are balanced by the most detailed and up-to-date neurological knowledge of the brain and its neuroplasticity capabilities that the University of Kentucky has to offer. Though that got a little wordy , it all boils down to staying active and engaged to continue your brain’s healthy growth and function!

Enjoying those things you love to do, like fishing, is great for you and we encourage you to keep these favored occupations in your life! However, we also know that stimulating your brain with new activities is great for your brain’s still capable ability to improve neuroplasticity and make new connections that keep you cognitively sharp! Though we love a good sudoku or word puzzle, as they can be good for your brain too, if this becomes a routine and static activity you repeat, your brain can actually get used to this activity, no longer seeing it as a challenge, and stop making such great connections. To keep some of your favorite things novel you can try changing the location, such as fishing at a new lake, or instead of chess in the park maybe try a beginners yoga class outside. Changing our brain’s options for activity can help to break it out of a less stimulated routine. So we encourage you to dig down deep and ask yourself what different things you may find interesting, as this can help make even more lasting brain health impacts.

Activity Ideas

  • Start a container garden
  • Play chess in the park
  • Start an outdoor yoga class
  • Play a new card game with friends
  • Join your local silver sneakers and make some new community connections
  • Find a local senior center near you to see if you can attend or volunteer in any way
  • Volunteer for a project that you are passionate about, such as walking dogs for your animal shelter
  • Discover a new hobby through community college courses or a county parks and recreation offering