I am A Caregiver

Built on a foundation of occupational therapy, Engaged Aging understands what it takes to be a caregiver of an aging individual. The dedication, devotion, and love you have for this responsibility is the same strong and caring efforts we hope to provide to you. Supporting a transitioning age population in a state that is half rural, requires some new and innovative thinking to bring you and those you care for the best that Sanders-Brown Center on Aging has to offer!

We are currently enrolling for our Harmony @ H.O.M.E (Help Online Modifying the Environment) study, that is working hard to bring telehealth to not only your loved ones but specifically to caregivers as well. You are the key to keeping the day to day things running smoothly and in the most effective and safe way. This study is meant to be a support, over zoom sessions, that will connect caregivers to a skilled therapist that can provide individualized recommendations to the everyday “what do I do now”, that can come paired with those we love with dementia. 

If you are interested in this or any other programming that can meet your and your family’s needs, please click the “Contact Us” button below.